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Why I didn't get any orders!


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I am a New seller on Fiverr. Many days a lot of buyer Requests replied, but not Any buyer Response and Message me. I didn't get any orders! I am very  Disappointed. What is My Main problem. Please Check My fiverr Account. And Suggest me. How can I solve this problem and I can succeed in this fiverr?

My fiverr account link:https://www.fiverr.com/selim56?up_rollo

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What did you expect? For buyers to line up and send you their money for no reason? 

You have to invest time, money and effort into your business. You won't find any success by just making some random gigs and sending out responses to buyer requests. 

You claim to be an "expert" in marketing. How can you be an expert in marketing, if you can't even market your own business properly?  

I recommend that you go out and learn the skills needed before you try to present yourself as the expert.

Take a moment to think about wether you're actually an expert in this, or not. Because if you're not, you won't succeed as a freelancer. 

I mean this in the best possible way: don't shoot for the stars until you have tested your rocket. 

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