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How I will got more order in Fiverr???


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I am a new seller in Fiverr. How can I will got more order in Fiverr??. Can any experience  say details for this topic.

can you please check my services if you find and problem so say here this is very helpful for me.

This is my service:https://www.fiverr.com/alvi_akter/make-modern-wordpress-landing-page-or-sales-funnel-pages

Thanks to you advance

Alvi Akter

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That's not the professional way you can ask for tips but don't give link its kind of spam . But I've few advise for you.


  • Be professional 
  • Try to send 10 buyer req. daily
  • attractive gig image
  • professional behavior
  • if you already do work with buyer then follow up , give discount remember don't be cheap . Cheap isn't professional .


Best of luck.


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12 minutes ago, lloydsolutions said:

Tips for Sellers

This category is for posts with original tips for sellers to utilize. If you want to ask for tips, please use Improve my Gig.

Always read the category heading before posting.



Okay thanks for your advice.

I will be maintained this in next time

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On 8/25/2021 at 5:03 AM, newsmike said:

It is an unreasonable expectation for sellers to take extra time to vet Bangladeshi sellers to see if they can communicate. It is more the responsibility of the seller to be proficient in the first place. Many of their gigs are in horrid English, so buyers will simply skip them. A number also have gig descriptions that have been written for them by someone fluent in English, but when they interact with buyers, (or come to the forum to complain about not getting sales) they reveal that they have very poor English skills. 


3 hours ago, designereyes247 said:

Active maximum time in fiverr.

It will not work

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