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Sneaky Buyers


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I’m fairly new to Fiverr (little over a month). I just recently started getting real jobs which is great! It seems like once you get one 5 star rating, all the other buyers start coming in. It’s really encouraging!

Anyway my real point is that in the beginning I was getting requests but the buyers wanted to s***e or for me give them my phone number ect. At first I was wondering if that was normal but then I realized that it’s definitely not. I started copying and pasting the Fiverr terms of service section that says you can’t do that and then I would never hear from that “buyer” again. It was almost like they were trying to see what they could get away with because I was new. Since I started getting real buyers, it seems like the sneaky buyers disappeared.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Note to other new sellers: You will start getting real buyers, don’t feel pressured by the ones that ask you to break the rules. It’s not worth losing your account or not getting paid!

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