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Your manage gigs link won't work for anyone other than you.

What you could do is try and improve the gigs. eg. your hashtags gig's main image says "resurch" when it should say "research".

Your data entry gig's main image says "trobleshoot" instead of "troubleshoot". In that gig there's probably too much text to be read quickly in search results.

The data entry gig says "Data spicing". Are you sure that's correct as I've never heard of that?

In your "I will design attractive any thumbnail" gig one of the search tags is "data entry", when that doesn't seem related to the gig. The gig title could be reworded.

Your gig "I will remove video background amazon product" is in the short video ads subcategory. I'm not sure that's the best subcategory for that (depending how you're doing that it might be better in the rotoscoping and keying subcategory of visual effects).


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