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Hi everyone I just set up shop on fiverr I just wanted to see if I could get some critiques on my gig, I want to make sure I can make it as good as possible. What I'm trying to do is mainly voice over work for now, but as you can see from the video I mess around with 3d animation (that may become a bit I do later on who knows), but right now I feel more comfortable using my voice. Please if there's anything I can fix or make better I want to know. And uhm a separate question... how long does it usually take for a request to come in?



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Hi there.

Here are couple of things:

1. People tend to hire more professional seller ( Suggest to change your first thumbnail from cowboy hat to regular formal cloth)

2. The remaining thumbnail need to have different cover

3. Gig descriptions too short

4. Need to explain why people need this kind of services.

5. Need to explain what buyer need to provide before ordering

6. Can you do other final delivery?

7. Need to build your FAQS greatly. Try to explain your services to newbie. You can get alots of FAQS.

  • FAQS help seller to convince buyer that you are professional that "know what to do to help."


Overall.., you need to improve this gig greatly


Suggestion: Try to learn from this:



Wish you luck,

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