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Hi there..,

It seems that your gigs miss a lot of things.

Doesn't look professional enough.

  • Gigs descriptions is too shorts.
  • Only one thumbnail.
  • Didn't explain further about the infographics / visual you offered
  • Where you get this infographics? what Files? JPG/PDF/PNG? Will you provide with the image source? It's safe? Did you buy it from stock photos?
  • Final delivery files? PDF? DOC?
  • NO FAQS? (FAQ is important part for your business. It can show your buyer how deep / professional you are with your services.

Overall..., you need to build your gigs further.

I suggest you to visit https://learn.fiverr.com/

There is 1 free course on how to build a successful gigs.

It definitely can help you.


Wish you luck,




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