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OK, here are a few things which came to my mind. On your “make your pictures transparent” gig: why? Why would I want to do that to a picture? You might want to list the different ways a buyer would use the photos, or why they would want to do that in the first place. Most people are not necessarily computer savvy, but they just want to know how to snap photos on their phone and post them on Facebook, or whatever. So you need to explain why they should buy your service. Same with your “mix black and white with color” gig. Again, why? You must explain how artistic and beautiful and unique this will make their photos. Explain ways they can use the photos. Give people reasons to want to buy your gig. And last, your logo gig. To be perfectly honest, there are hundreds of amazing logo artists on Fiverr (and, unfortunately, also lots of sellers who just steal other people’s work and present it as their own). They have wonderful, original, creative logos in their work samples, not just words in basic fonts with different filters and colors on them. I’m sorry, but what you are showing in your logo gig is something anyone with a simple graphic program can easily do themselves. You must show real logos, not words.

Good luck~

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Reply to @aggelosmariospa:

Unfortunately, @celticmoon is right. Your logo gig is not very good.

I have a logo gig too and I feel that, I have to remove it. There are hundreds of logo designers here, so this is just a waste of time. The competition is far too much…

And don’t worry about the orders, worry about the quality of your gigs and how to improve them. You should constantly make changes to improve them.

I’m on fiverr.com from 23 days and I got my first order on 17th day. Six days later I already have 10 orders… Improvement and promotion, these are the keys to your success.

I wish you luck and have a nice day!


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Your gigs look good!.. Just hang in there… dont give up… you will be there soon…

It will be hard…but just dont give up… 🙂

Publish your gigs on twitter,fb,pinterest etc on a daily basis.

Be an active member of this forum :)…

I am just a beginner…but I hope my advice will help you 🙂



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@aggelosmariospa You have a good, positive attitude, and that will help you create gigs which people will want. As @wadsolutions said, QUALITY is much more important than QUANTITY, so work hard to make beautiful samples to show your talents. And when you write the gig descriptions, be sure to point out to potential buyers WHY they should buy your gig and HOW they can use your work.

Competition is fierce on Fiverr, so be sure to look around, see what others are selling, find a special, unique trait to offer so you stand out in the crowd.

And good luck~! Most of us start very slowly, then see steady increases in our sales as we get good reviews (VERY important!)

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