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*** Must Read - Protect Your Fiverr account and Paypal account from Hackers


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Discussion #500 on Tips for fiverr sellers section 🙂

Lots of my freinds ( Fiverr sellers ) got messages like this in last December.

i saw people posting on facebook and other forums that people asked their gmail and phone number just to verify his identity then he will offer his project via fiverr when that seller told him that he won’t do outside business. today i got two messages from buyers like that asking me to contact them directly because they have $200 $300 jobs

they will tell you that for each gig fiverr is charging one dollar so for if he pay $300 fiverr will charge $60 and you will get only $ 240. but trust me that won’t work. they will try to hack your email account first. then fiverr account and paypal.

It is not allowed to contact buyers directly. so you can’t expect any support if something happened to your account. so Follow rules. do not contact buyers directly for any reason.

Use gmail account for fiverr account and enable two step verification so hackers can’t sign in to your account without the mobile confirmation code. don’t use same password for email , fiverr , paypal or payoneer

Protect Your account Get more sales 🙂

[sheriff’s Note: Duplicate discussion. Please continue discussion here: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/3051/opening-attachments-is-there-a-risk#Item_26 Thank you.]

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