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Asking about poor review after the fact


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Hi all,

I’ve got an interesting question - as I know we are not allowed to ask for reviews from sellers for obvious reasons.

I have worked with a buyer twice now who leaves me long, amazing detailed write-ups, a tip, but then 4 stars in 1 out of 3 categories of the review, leaving me with a 4.7 each time. It doesn’t make sense to me, but I get it, some people are just sticklers and want to give what they see is an “ultra-accurate” review. I’m sure most of us know the type.

MY QUESTION: AFTER he left the review, I asked him what I could do better next time to ensure a full 5-star experience. Of course all the warnings are popping up about asking clients about reviews etc.

This buyer made it clear he will be placing more orders. He also said he didn’t realize how much review scores impacted us. I thanked him about 100 times for the tip and the write up. Just asked simply - next time if there’s anything I can do differently to achieve the full 5, please let me know.

Is this a terms violation? A grey area? Completely fine? I’m a bit nervous. I’m not asking him for a 5 star review. I’m asking him how I can do better next time AFTER his 2 reviews. (And honestly, a little confused why someone keeps coming back for more, when there are 1000’s of buyers on Fiverr, if it wasn’t a 5-star experience for him).

Thanks guys, all input appreciated.
Mike - MJC Agency

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