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How to make a noticeable gig


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If you want to make a noticeable gig on fiverr just follow these steps.

  1. Come up with a distinct gig

  2. Once you think of your distinct gig, you’re going to want to name your gig and publish it. A good tip for naming is to keep it nice and short because some people just don’t have that big enough of an attention span to read a super long name.

  3. While you’re publishing make use of your tags so that other people can find them, and make sure that they’re related since you wouldn’t want to have a tag of “reptile” on a gig that deals with birds.

  4. Next thing while you’re still in the process of editing your gig is to make a nice picture that sums up what you’re going to do.

  5. Next is to publish your gig and then follow through the rest of the steps.

  6. To start getting customers start using social media sites as much as you can to help spread the word of your amazing gig.

  7. Once your gig is successful after all of that time put into it, be proud and reward yourself a nice ice cream cone.
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