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Sudden increase in gig impressions


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Hi, fellow Fiverr sellers. April had been great for me, as I had few orders coming, and I regularly get clicks on this specific gig of mine— a photo restoration gig. Currently, I am a still a no level seller, but now close to reaching the $400 total earnings to get to Level 1.

With this, I would just like to ask for your opinion/views on how can I take advantage of this recent increase on my gig impression. I was so surprised yesterday upon checking that I had hit 2,000 impressions in a day, than the normally 100-200 I get on a daily basis.

In addition, from almost 3-6 clicks I get everyday, this sudden increase got me 31 clicks. I’m just surprised on how the algorithm has favored, perhaps, my gig resulting to this.

So going back to my question, I would like to ask for your opinion on how can I take advantage of this sudden increase in my impressions. Do you think my impressions could sustain in this level? For how long would it be do you think, for those who had the experience? Should I change something on my gig?

Apologies I had alot of questions, as I am very much willing to listen to all your suggestions.

Thank you all!



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I am new here and yet to get my first order. However, I am going to share one of the most shared recommendations in sustaining gig impressions. According to Fiverr experts, you should make sure you provide value as much as possible. Also, avoid late submissions, late replies, cancellations and being unethical. Other than that, I believe you are good to go. All the best!

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