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Promoted gig option I need your opinion


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I got my level two in January and got promoted gig option in February when I got the option I started using it and I got orders from it as well but after using it for few days promoted gig become unqualified and my gig moved to the last page from the first page so I started sending buyer requests no sales from Fiverr because no buyer wants to go to the last page.

SO I wait for some days but no orders and when the gig start lossing I edit my gigs after few days because I was getting 0 clicks. Then after few days, I got the option back first got the promoted gig in February lost after few days of promotion got back after a month then again lost after few days and again gig went back to the last page from the first page.

Now it is still on the last page but got the option back after a month.

Now I need your opinion from level two or top-rated sellers who have this promoted gig option. Now my gig is at the last page I got the option back now Should I use it or not because I see a lot of topics related to it and people are saying that using these options not recommended so any valuable opinions.


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As I understand it promoting your gig (or not promoting it) does not affect your overall ranking. The promotion of a gig simply means that it becomes more visible when promoted.

Your overall ranking depends on a number of factors, but it does not guarantee you a top placement, even if you had one before. The thing is, Fiverr moves the gigs around in the results to give new sellers a chance from time to time. This means that even higher level sellers might see a drop in the results.

Fiverr looks at a range of metrics in their algorithm. If you’re at the end of the results page, this might simply be because Fiverr are pushing other sellers, or it might be because some of your metrics dropped.

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