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Finally .. Crossed 10,000 orders :)


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Hello everyone,

I wanted to share something really exciting. I hope this will bring motivation to sellers around. I have just checked my stats and my account has successfully crossed 10,000 orders.

When i had started my career on fiverr, i never knew i will go so far with my success. I have been working regularly for past 1.5 years despite of me signing up 3 years ago on fiverr.

So far, i have 0 negative feedback and 10000s’ of happy customers 🙂

Your comments and questions are always welcome.



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Reply to @jarlmoe:

Well, i still remember, i had signed up on fiverr very soon after it was launched. I never came back to check my account as i thought it won’t be having much potential.

After 1.5 years, i luckily got to check fiverr back and found so many TRS and people having huge number of sales.

This was my inspiration. It took me days and nights to deliver the best and express. I used to spend more time online on fiverr just to grab more customers with my responsiveness.

I believe it was hardwork and promise to provide extra values to every buyer.

It took me 1.5 years to reach this level. Trust me, one can do if he is passionate and understand the true potential in this gig platform.

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