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Posting your gig on social media doesn't generate sales - here's how to promote your service properly

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Guest brandmedics
On 2/3/2022 at 2:34 PM, cs_evans said:

This is such an important point few seem to grasp.  I don't know if it is because people don't have real-world business experience, or don't bother to think about how their business platform works.  I have no knowledge of Fiverr's formulas, beyond what we all know, but it isn't that hard to do the decision tree for who they want to promote.  Imagine two sellers selling the same service for $100

Seller 1 (poor marketing):  10,000 impressions per day, 10 clicks per day, .01 sales per day = $1 in sales per day = $0.20 per day revenue for Fiverr

Seller 2(quality marketing): 1,000 impressions per day, 75 clicks per day, 1.2 sales per day = $120 in sales per day = $24 per day revenue for Fiverr

If I'm running the business, I go with seller 2 all day long.  There is a reason Fiverr posts your stats; it gives you extremely valuable information on what you may need to tweek. 

You right about this, some sellers felt by copying another seller's gig will help them to rank higher but unknown to them that it doesn't work that way. Quality service delivery is paramount to high rating and possibility of getting more orders. 

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