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Buyer indirectly asks me for help in cheating another seller


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So this buyer who also happens to be a “Top buyer” placed an order with me (which is still in progress) and then he asks me if I can help him with another thing. He asks me if I can remove a watermark from a video. I said I can’t say anything before seeing the video. So he sent me the video (similar to my project but for a different product) which had Fiverr watermark all over it. Then it dawned on me that probably he got it done by another seller and now wants me to remove the watermark so he can cheat the seller and probably cancel the order. So I said no and advised him against it. Now I’m thinking what if does something similar to me?
Should I report it to CS? Or let it go?

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I’d report it to CS.

The video has the Fiverr logo on it if it’s been delivered, but the buyer hasn’t accepted delivery. The implication is that your buyer has downloaded the video from another seller’s order, which may then have been cancelled.

If the buyer’s willing to do this to another seller, they may well be willing to do the same to you, and other sellers.

You did the right thing - what they’re asking for is help to steal another seller’s work, who probably didn’t/won’t get paid for it.

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