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  1. Thank you, I wish your better success also @singernayem
  2. @sanimjubaer yeah, It's true. btw Thank you. I wish your better success also.
  3. Alhumdulillah I got level 2 badge in this month, But I was busy attending my exams, I am trying to go to the top level 🙂
  4. You can send buyer request everyday, and share your gig on social media.
  5. please create professional gig images and update your description.
  6. congratulations for your success
  7. It happens with every seller, so don't worry. Keep deliver quality work.
  8. Why you want to do this? I mean Your gig won’t show when people search content writer or something like that? as far I know data entry is another category , If I am not wrong
  9. create a new gig with appropriate seo, good description.
  10. clean your browser. hope may your problem will be solved
  11. Hi Roshanekka, Hope You are in better health now, Its very painful being alone, believe in god, and wait for the lights of your life.
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