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Guest hmathir


Most of the tips are covered already.

Some more that I would like to add:

  1. Use your gig gallery to promote yourself.
  2. Use extensive social media to promote your gigs. At least a couple of posts per day on each. Check for the best times to tweet etc on Google and tweet at those time where you have a high chance of getting more impressions.
  3. Use flickr and other approved sites where you can put up your portfolio. This can be of use if you are designing websites (Since you are from BSc CS)
  4. Use Buyer’s Request as already mentioned. Additional tip: Avoid sending offers to requests which has already got 10 or more offers. Your offer will be at bottom and most probably it may happen that it go unnoticed.
  5. Exceptional communication while sending offers.
  6. Keep your prices low compared to other sellers for same niche. Offer more to your buyers in your starting phase and later on you can increase your price.
  7. Have a unique gig title. Do NOT copy other titles. Buyers may be wanting a specific service, you can think of that and include in your title.
  8. Read, Learn from other blog posts on Fiverr Forum.

Hope this help 🙂
All the very best.

Collect from @theyellowcrow

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