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Help With SMS Verification


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HELP- ACTIVE BUYER HERE- I recently changed my phone number and completely forgot about the SMS notification process here on Fiverr. So I requested a password change and I get an email message with a link to verify my identity via SMS. Of course, the notification is now going to a number I no longer have access to. Once I log in I can update my profile to the new number but for now, my business account is unusable.

I have two accounts, a personal one and a business one. I can log in on my personal…which is allowing me to post this request for help but I cannot log into my business account. Does anyone have any suggestions??? I have literally hundreds of gigs that I have purchased on the business account and now have no way to communicate with those gig providers…many of them excellent, nor do I have the ability to access old deliverables. GRRRRRR!

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