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How can i get order from buyer request?


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I’m new on Fiverr. I try to request a buyer according to his requirement. But they don’t response at all. Social media marketing will it help to get my first order?

But they don’t response at all.

It is very natural. Because buyers usually receive a large number of application from sellers for one job. Only they contact with short listed candidates.

In this case, all buyer requests are not genuine. Most of those are fake because many sellers are posting jobs. Though this section is only for buyers.

  • So, first of all, you should try to understand that which job actually posted by buyers ( though it is difficult) and apply for those jobs. It will increase the possibility of getting a job.
  • Try to understand what buyers want. Write the application exactly according to buyer requirements. Attach similar sample of buyer’s work ( you must have portfolio)
  • Do not copy-paste job application. Write the new application according to job ad try to explain to buyers that really you are able to do the job.

I hope you will get message from buyers.

Social media marketing will it help to get my first order?

It is not sure. First, you need to understand that who will see your post on social media. Absolutely your friends and family. Will they buy your service? Absolutely not !

Only those who need your service, they will buy! Only you will get orders from them.

Do you able to reach them from your social media profile? ( Never do spam)

So most of the time it becomes waste of time, nothing else. (Without paid promotion of social media)

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