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How much should be the price for my gig for Lifetime Hosting Free Responsive Website creation?


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Hi fellow sellers, I am using fiverr for just few months got few orders as well but still get customers who says it’s costly. Very first thing via my gig there website (HTML) become hosting free. so they have not to pay any hosting charges ever again. Then I am preparing them a responsive website too.

How much should I price my gigs ?

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I wouldn’t do these gigs at all. Sooner or later Fiverr will delete your gig since it violated their TOS.

Hosting someones website means you have outside communication with them. Especially if you support them forever.

On that topic… I wouldn’t order any gig that promised hosting forever. You can’t promise that. What happens if a server goes down? Or anything technical? And are you saying that 10 years down the road you’ll still be hosting my website? C’mon now. Be realistic.

Maybe offer a by the month gig. Or 2 months. They buy need to buy a gig every 2 months or something?

I don’t know. The important thing is to be careful. The entire gig idea sounds like it’s breaking the Fiverr TOS. And sooner or later they’ll gettcha.

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Reply to @bigbadbilly: I agree to you totally on this.

My idea was to provide cheaper alternative to hefty web hosting charges by simply creating an online space to as much business as possible. Moreover Google can be trusted on server crash or such things.

Basically it’s one page website. I use free service of Google which lets any one host upto 15 GB of website content.

I think I should create another gig and ditch this idea.

I will appreciate if you have better suggestions I need them.


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