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Fiverr Keywords Strategy - Rank your Gig Fast


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Fiverr Keywords

Keywords are well-known when we talk about any algorithm.

Fiverr scans all the data they find on your gigs but also on your profile.

This then determined what type of services you offer.

Fiverr is then able to rank you in those specific keywords.

Keywords on Fiverr appear almost everywhere. In your gig title, description, pricing, and profile. Fiverr then uses this data to rank you for specific keywords it finds in these areas.

A good thing to know is that when you create a gig, your title becomes the “ SLUG ” of the website link for your gig.

A slug is the part of the URL that uniquely identifies a page and it’s in a format that is easily readable by both users and search engines. It is everything behind the “/” sign. Keep that in mind.

In addition to that, make sure you research the keywords you want to rank for in advance. For example, if you know that you want to offer SEO Service, type “ SEO ” in the search bar on Fiverr and see what pops up to get ideas about what people search for.

But, do not try to rank for keywords that have so many results. Meaning, that if you type down “ Logo Design ” in the search bar, you will see that there are over 140,000 services available for this keyword.

Rather use keywords such as “ Logo design minimalist “, or, “ Logo design modern “. Be specific. Be clever. Niche down!

Lastly and most importantly, make sure you include your keywords in all mentioned areas – gig title, description, pricing, your profile, to actually tell Fiverr what you are interested in offering on their marketplace, so they can define you as a seller and rank you for specific keywords.

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The SEO strategy described in this article does not work anymore for gig titles. Now, Fiverr's search engine prioritizes titles rather than slugs. Fiverr will count your gig for a keyword even if it's not in your slug but in your title. Your gig will appear for that keyword on Fiverr. Did you notice this as well?

https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360011094958-SEO-tricks-for-gig-titles#:~:text=Create a short simple title,does not affect Gig visibility.&text=Create a username%2C with a,Gig's service to potential buyers.

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