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How do write a buyer request-tip


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I find that buyer requests are an excellent tool, however, the buyers are often flooded with seller requests. So you need to stand out. Here are my few tips:

  1. Don’t waste time on posts that have at least 20+ requests, it’s more than likely that the buyer has already decided.

  2. Provide a short informative response. Remember, this will be sent as a custom offer so provide what you will require from the buyer also.

  3. Price it well, most sellers will often match the buyer’s budget, however, I would recommend reducing the quote to make it stand out more. You could then potentially make extra money through up-selling on delivery.

Hope this helps!

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Perhaps you would be so kind as to explain how you come to these conclusions as when I look at your gig, I see no sales at all? What brings you to such a firm belief that you can share these as rules that will help people (seeing they appear completely unproven if not proven not to work)?

  • yes if 20 other people have applied, it does make it harder to cut through the noise but if 19 of those are the usual totally thoughtless “I be very #1 good, 100 happy, endless revision, 24 hours” you are now only one of two people who tried to seem like they cared.
  • informative sounds like sending lists of how clever the seller is, like lists of computer languages. No. Send something that shows that you understand the needs of the project. Often this is really hard in Mixing as most BR don’t include an mp3 of the song they want mixed which makes the answer little more than “Can I hear the song please?”
  • so you say come in under the budget that the seller indicates? Wow you must hate yourself. Seeing most BR are already at about one tenth of what the most basic price should be, coming in under that simply says that you are so desperate that you will do anything. Not a great message to send if you hope for respect. price properly unless there is a good business case for a custom offer where you ask the customer to trade something like revisions for price because you want that song in your Portfolio.


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