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Keep Going! You will succeed!


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When I started, around this time last year, I started off very slowly! But I looked at buyer’s requests every half hour. Why was this important!

Firstly, you are keeping online.
Secondly, you are one of the first sellers to bid.

As a newbie, you will have a chance to feature on the front pages of the search, this is the time to work hard. Keep active online!

There are a few things to consider when selling on Fiverr, are your gigs unique? Or are there too many competitors? What can I do in my line of work, which is different?

Is the work I am offering enjoyable? Is it something I do well at? You need to do top-quality work! You need to be an expert!

Price? Start off low, get a rating! A good rating and a few orders will keep you in a good place in the searches. But! Once established charge the regular amount. If your prices are too low you will get scammers. There are top buyers on Fiverr and they are looking for quality work! I would rather lose five buyers who don’t want to pay, than one good buyer who becomes a regular client.

You will notice that buyers using buyer’s request, ask for ridiculous prices. I bid anyway, at my own normal prices, because 2 out of 10 buyers will come back. What is the reason for this? Because they have had such bad service, and need the job done properly.

So when starting learn how to make your gigs properly before making them. There is all the information on Fiverr under Help and Support. Search properly. Do market research on your type of business, look at top sellers and what their gigs look like (you cannot copy), see what SEO words they use and what categories they fall under. And lastly read all Fiverr’s terms and conditions, and violations. It is very easy, out of ignorance to violate Fiverr’s policies.

Hope this helps!

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