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  1. welcome brother go ahead :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  2. do gig marketing .and you can also add video to your gig and mention all documentation about your skill on that video .perhaps its will be helpful to get quick order
  3. Just wait dear bro… of course i will get solutions
  4. you can knock to fiverr help and support
  5. welcome dear :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  7. share your gig to your social media or do gig marketing it will help to get lot of impression and click
  8. dont be hopeless . work with patiently when send buyer request please mention some extra facilities than other competitor. as a new you should want little bit price from your client and provide better service. its will be helpful for you to get order very soon. and do gig marketing to your social media it will help to rank your gig position
  9. Allah Bless you dear bro… go ahead and welcome to the fiverr forum
  10. I have some close friend they suggest me the Fiverr platform I also no about Fiverr by social media and by google. I think Fiverr is the best freelancing marketplace than another marketplace. I am also a new seller and I get an order within a few days later. I am so happy as a Fiverr seller.
  11. I asked him before delivering just to know whether he is satisfied with my work or not. He said he liked it. I further asked him if I could deliver the source file. He agreed to it. Basically, he got the designs with sourcefile. He came back with “I’m not satisfied” tag and I being a fool agreed to rework on it. He again said “I’m not satisfied”. And now he is asking me to cancel the order. you can contact with fiverr help and support. when you cancel this order yourself its will be harmful for your project but when fiverr authorities will cancel this order its will be not harmful for you and next any buyer i will not see that you cancel order. But if you till now work with this buyer maybe he will give you bad feedback that why you should cancel this order but not by yourself to cancel this order you can take help form fiverr.
  12. your gig looking eye catching please do gig marketing i mean share your gig all social media its will help you to bring your gig first page and its also help you to get more impressions on more click. and try be active on fiverr always. thank you dear
  13. you are very lucky dear brother. you get order very soon. allah bless you go ahead
  14. Yes you can share your portfolio but your portfolio website should have no way of communicating with the buyer
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