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Why My Gig ranking Down?


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You have read 3 minutes of the forum. I just answered this query to another seller - you are probably new to Fiverr and when new, they give your Gig a boost of sorts to help you get started. Once that time is over, they give other new sellers the same boost you enjoyed.

Just because you cannot find your Gig, does not mean that others cannot when they are searching. Gig position is never guaranteed here, even for old time Fiverr sellers - Gigs will rotate their position constantly.

We are all sellers here in the forum, so, we are not able to “help you get your gig back” where you want it in the listings. That is up to you to find buyers either by marketing your Gig off the site or answering Buyer’s Requests in a way that makes people think they cannot live without what you are offering.


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