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New seller with no orders


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Hello there! i’m kiteem i’m just friendly guy walk around here 😆
yes i am the newbie member(and seller)
i have no order as well 😅
that’s why i’m here to promote my gig!!
To anyone who like the real style anime(i guess this is my style) illustration
or semi-realistic illustration i can illustrate for you!!
According to me that like to play video games very much(genshin impact is my main game now lol)
i can do the game fan art too (Anime fan art as well)

You can see my illustration in the link below

👉 https://www.fiverr.com/kiteem/draw-illustration-for-you-xd

I hope you love my art!!!

IF you like it you can purchase some ☺️

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Welcome! I’ve tried fiverr on 2018. I’ve organised well my gigs on 2019. I’ve received my first order 12/2019. 2020 I completed ten orders and received 6 five star review. So it works! I’m trying to focus more because is the most friendly platform for edesign services.
Try to be online asa more as you can!

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Hi! Please try to complete this free course, which is offered by Fiverr. I think this will help you a lot! Wishing you the best!

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