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Help! I'm unable to verify my ID because I can't upload pictures more than once

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Hi guys so I’ve gone through several discussions on how people had issues verifying themselves and how short a 14 days notice can be.
But going through these discussions I discovered that you can try uploading different pictures at once if the verification system doesn’t want to verify you.

So this is my case, I got a 14 days notice like everyone so within 5 days I was able to get my national ID card, at the end my national ID card is not recognized by fiverr.
So I decided to get my passport which took me more than 2 weeks, now I’m trying to verify my ID but on each upload of a pictures, I don’t get any notifications on what I’ve uploaded for days, so I decided to retry uploading another set of pictures but on getting to the verification site I see something that I have been disallowed from trying to verify myself due to multiple attempts and I’m like what is this again.

I decided to contact customer care, so before I got my passport, I contacted a customer care agent and we spoke on how my national passport is not recognized by fiverr so this time I decided to tell thid agent about my recent situation but I got aired.
Then I decided to submit another ticket, now this new agent replies me and tells me that he’s fixed everything and that I should try verifying myself again, yeah I did try verifying myself again, uploaded the pictures, waited for days for a notification on whether the pictures were not clear or something just a notification geez.

Anyways I decided to try verification again and whoosh the same thing reoccurs, I’ve been disallowed from trying to verify myself due to multiple attempts like how many times have I even uploaded pictures.
Anyways has anyone been in my situation and what do you advise me to do, do I keep submitting a new ticket or I wait for days till weeks till God knows when before I receive a notification.

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