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Struggling over 6 months


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My all gigs down end of JUNE and now 6 month is passing but no single improvement. I tried by changing everything like tag, title, price but result is 0. I have contact CS many times but didn’t get help, they just always give robotic answer! share on social media, send buyer request, complete many orders blah blah! I have tried everything but no result. I have contacted many freelancer in my country who faced this issue some one get back after 7 month some one after 5 month and some one 9 month and some one passed 1 year and one freelancer passed 1 year 6 months but he don’t get back his gig rank!! in this November I have passed 1 year journey on fiverr but in this one year I have worked only 5 months and completed only 100 projects! my gigs rank down on MARCH and then it got back after 10 days and then I have worked only 1-2 months and then I have suffering for COVID19 and then JUNE my gigs all down!! there has no guarantee to get back gig rank again its the problem! I have deactivated my account many times but I came again if my account became ok but my bad luck !! no improvement not getting promoted gig too. I don’t know I have future on this account or no!!

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