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A message that messed my stats!


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A message (spam) that resulted in my stats to fluctuate within minutes. I remember your message @frank_d that you asked me in a PM that why do I reply and delete my posts. This is the reason. 👇

Spam-Message-messed-my-stats410×1615 102 KB

The user came to my profile from one of my reply to a post. The message was reported as spam but it still messed my average response time. CS tried his level best to fix the issue and even escalated to a technical department but they couldn’t fix it as well.

CS1053×207 85 KB

Now I am experiencing a strange behavior; whenever I try to visit Fiverr Forum, the website first automatically redirects me to my dashboard with a weird dashboard link and then I have to retry again.

The CS is also looking into this as well.

I kindly request users to please don’t contact (spam) me by flooding my Inbox. You are free to create your own post here in the Forum and receive responses of all interested users or reach CS or read articles from Help & Education Center for all needed information. 🙏

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I really don’t see how your absurd method of erasing everything you post has anything to do with spam messages.

I post on the forum on a daily basis and I can still handle all the spam messages I get just fine.

I don’t have any numbers in front of me, but if I were to guess, I’d say I receive a lot more spam than you do.

The only reason I am replying to your mention, is because I think your way of participation on the forum -speaking your mind and then deleting all trace of your replies- is not making much sense.

That’s all I have to say!


Edit: to clarify I did not PM the OP with a question about why they erase their messages. Our conversation was about an alleged insight the OP had about the Fiverr algorithm, which turned to be too much fuss about nothing. 🙂

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