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HELP ME! How to export 18x18 px size PNG file in High Quality


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Looks like, a lot of experts came here to criticize my case instead of giving proper suggestions and still they did not say what is the current solutions.

Point 01: Well, I see some of the people here said to take the artwork size 18x18 when I make the ICON/FAVICON. For your kind information I took this size when designing and export the PNG file in the same size but it is still the same problem.

Point 02: Some said, I should not sell a service that I don’t know. I would like to request them to visit my profile and see with his/her naked eyes if I actually sell exactly this service at all and even whether I am a new designer or not. Sometimes, you’ll get some unexpected request from your client IN YOUR WORK SECTOR that should try to do although you’re not familiar with it properly. That’s why we’re here to help each other, aren’t we?

Point 03: Some said to export in SVG, I mentioned in my post about PNG format only. Not others.

When I save the 18x18 px artwork from AI to PNG in 72 DPI then it looks very blurry. If I increase the DPI (I know it’s not the rules) the sizes of the artwork is automatically increased. You should know I draw it in Illustrator and It is vector file.

Can anyone try by yourself a demo vector into 18x18 px and comment here by exporting as a PNG file to see how’s the quality look like?

@montaaz I agree with you brother. The Graphic designing is not a sector where you’ll be expert and open a shop to sell your services without having updated regularly which means there is no limit of knowledge and we will find new things that we did not know. If someone is claiming or acting like she is an expert and blaming others without knowing anything about him, know that she is not a human but alien… lol…

Enjoy 🙂

Can anyone try by yourself a demo vector into 18x18 px and comment here by exporting as a PNG file to see how’s the quality look like?

Vector artboard 18x18


Vector artboard 18x18 Actual Size


Here’s FI.png 18x18



Can you share your a actual .ai file here?

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