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Order didn't auto complete after 3 days


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So I had an order with a client and delivered on the gig the buyer wanted some revisions and I delivered on those also. After I delivered on the 2nd revision the buyer said he didn’t like my work and wanted to cancel because he didn’t like my work, I declined the cancellation of the order and wanted to get paid as I’ve already put a lot of hours of work into this order and I also offered to do more revision if the buyer wanted anything else. Now it’s been 3 days (more than 72 hours has passed since I declined the cancellation of the order), on the order page it says that the order will auto complete after 3 days but the order is still marked as delivered.
Is the order gonna stay like that until the buyer accepts it ??
Also I tried to figure things out with the buyer but he hasn’t logged into the platform since.

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