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Beware of this scammer


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The username is: *****

First of all, he says he’s “Lee from China”, but the name is clearly “Mark” and his profile states he’s from Canada.

He’ll contact you via direct message, with a link to a Google document. Here it’s written their “deal” for you to read, which is obviously a scam.

Here’s the link to the document: *****

Be careful with these type of people.
Overall, NEVER give your personal information to unknown users.
Usually, scammers talk to a lot of people at the same time, so they won’t even bother doing research about a user before scamming, they’ll just talk to you.

So, be careful you all.

EDIT: If you notice on the information about the document, it says “Created on 19 Oct 2019”. This was not a document created specifically for me, it’s an ongoing scam since the past year.

Mod Note: Username removed. Link removed.

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