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Developing the skills


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This document was created by a fellow Forum member. It lists the services and the number of gigs for each one. You can look at it to see what your competition would be.

The link to the thread that @blavaro posted it too is here:

I did small research and bring you an idea of competition in some of popular categories. It may help in orientation for Users who wish to create new Gigs and/or may answer “No order” questions. 20.10.2020 Logo Design - 165 092 services available Top 3 Countries: pakistan Pakistan - 58 971 services (36%) bangladesh Bangladesh - 22 755 services (14%) india India - 10 912 services (7%) Photoshop Editing - 103 961 services available Top 3 Countries: pakistan Pakistan - 25 591 serv…

All_Services2424×2751 1.5 MB
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