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How to keep my Gig Ranking


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Try to stay online most of the time, it’s important

Try to stay online most of the time, it’s important

This has nothing to do with getting a better ranking.

Ranking is based in 3 things:

  1. New sellers, which is ordered by arriving. So the newest sellers will be on top.
  2. Best sellers, which is based on the more veterans seller, or the sellers which actually are better selling in a category.
  3. Recommended/relevance, which is most probably based on how fiverr want to rank the gigs they prefer buyers to order. More or less based in more profits to fiverr and better quality delivered from these sellers.

It means you CAN’T rank your gig. To get better placements and better impressions, you NEED to do more sales with good ratings. And to do this, you must promote your services online. There is not cheat or hack or tips to rank. Rank is based in your performance, and your performance is based in your sales. and if you want to get sales you must do something to, it’s your job to do this, because fiverr wont do this for you.

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