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Problems with a client


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… Hi all, I hope one of you can help me.

I have a client who has purchased a gig (that has 5 day turnaround) but his/her information is dire and there is no set brief. They’ve sent two images that are hand drawn sketches (one is of a man holding a pole and the second is the United States flag) and their original request is:

"can you put the guy with the sign on a flyer without the thing he is holding and the words on the bottom saying…

“clocks were striking thirteen” "

This really isn’t suited to the gig they have ordered so I questioned the request immediately by replying:

"Hi. Your brief isn’t very clear - can you elaborate? What do you want doing with the flag?"

To which they responded:

"I want the flag upside down if you can… colors red and black… that is it, i want you to use your imagination!"

I then responded:

"Sorry [username],

Your brief isn’t something I can work with - you need to be clearer in what you want. You have supplied two jpegs, can you tell me exactly how you want them combined, what text you require and all additional information.

Thank you.


And I have had no response. This is the worse brief I’ve had so far and I want to cancel the order - if I request a cancel, can they leave negative feedback?

Not sure what to do, but I know continuing with the order is a recipe for disaster!

Please help!


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From what I understand, and with some past experience, if they refuse to cancel you will need to go through Fiverr support to get the gig cancelled. Be sure to stress that they are asking you to do something you don’t offer in your gig. They will look into it and if they feel that is the case they will deliver the order. But be sure to do so soon, because if you let the order go late then that could hurt your stats.

Hope everything works out!

Take Care,


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If you don’t want to work with the buyer or believe that you can’t properly complete the gig based on the limited information he gave you, you can propose a mutual cancellation under the Resolution tab on the order page. Once the buyer agrees to a cancellation, they will not be able to leave any sort of feedback. It’s as though the order never happened.

However, keep an eye on how many canceled orders you have. Fiverr keeps a tally, and if your cancellation percentage gets particularly high, it could effect your rating, or your cancellation rate could be displayed on your gig page. However, a single cancellation will likely not matter much.

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Great info guys - thank you! I’ve requested cancellation so I’ll keep you posted. No communication from client since my last message and it looks like the cancellation will be automatic in two days (still 3 days left to complete the gig) so it’s looking good.

I have a 2% cancelation rate - all of these from people placing orders incorrectly. Not great but what else can you do but accept their request?

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