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Slow impression rate


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Hi Fiverr Community,
I joined Fiverr as a seller in 2019 but stayed inactive till next 10 months, for which I guess I lost some perks of “New Seller”.
Since I created my main gig in December 2019 (after 10 months of account creation), I have received only 3 main orders while all of them gave me full ratings and were amazed by my work. But still am not getting a good response on my gig in terms of good impression and clicks.
There’s zero click on my main gig for last 30 days and is getting around 17 or 18 daily impressions.
I’ve optimized my gig and matched it with others doing same work in terms of tags, category and other options.
I’m still hopeful that there must be some way to get around so I could earn according to my work.
Here’s my main gig: https://www.fiverr.com/muaazsaeed/design-impressive-presentation-slides
Suggestions will be appreciated!

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