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Delayed Delivery & Message Capability


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Fiverr Community,

I recognize that this site suggestion might stir the pot a bit, but I believe it’s an essential inclusion.

Delayed delivery

Immediately, you might be thinking “but quick turnaround times are an integral part of great customer service”

Exactly. I completely agree! That’s not the purpose of this feature.

Consider this: you’re working on a project. Midway through, you receive a message. To maintain a favorable response rate, you decide to pause on your current gig and respond. 10…20…30 minutes later, you find yourself still engaged in this on-and-off dialogue. In turn, your productivity has suffered.

This happens to me all the time, and I’m sure I’m not alone. At this point, you might say "but why not just delay responding yourself after the initial response? You could, of course, but many type-A sellers want to have all of their ducks in a row before proceeding with existing work.

Enter, delayed responses

Set a response and continue working in peace for a set period of time.

Now, you might be wondering "but what if they say something or ask something in between their last message and the delayed response?

Simple. Just state “in response to question X…” before scheduling the delay.

Okay! But why would delayed delivery (not just responses) ever be useful?

Consider the scenario where you’re well ahead of your queue and just got a revision request. Although hammering it out immediately means it’s off your plate, this can give the perception of quick or shotty work (even if you gave it your usual effort…)

By just delaying an hour, you’re still providing a fast turnaround time, but not as if you were rushing.

Another scenario is the classic revision-trigger-happy buyer that keeps asking for small modification after a small modification. This situation can seriously stifle your ability to stay productive on other projects. If you delay each revision, you can make progress on other gigs during the gaps.

I know this is likely to stir some debate, but I think having this feature is better than not! I’m attaching a poll below, looking forward to any feedback 😊

  • Add Delayed Responses
  • Add Delayed Deliveries
  • Add Both
  • Add Neither


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