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Do you have a suggestion for making Fiverr.com a better place?


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I am just new here but have already made a few sales. Am still learning things here and there and like it.

I am making some great looking Ebook covers and logos for a start.

In my journey though, I think that there could be some improvements here and there making this wonderful site to be the best on this planet. Room for improvement as they say is the biggest room in the world.

I will just mention one here and you can tell us other areas that would be better changed too.

This is it:

It is about this forum. Why not make the most recent comments on a discussion to appear first? This will give a fair deal to every participant. As it appears now, the person who posted first remains there and as we know that things are always changing, sometimes the information we see first is outdated. It should be otherwise. Then there could also be a tab for the most liked comment. I think that would be great. Over to you Fiverr :)>-

Sheriff’s Note: Your suggestion has been moved to the SUGGESTIONS category, where maybe someone from Fiverr will see it.

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