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Buyer cancels order after delivery?


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Whoever placed order, its not sellers’ concern at all…

Any one permitted to access computer, password-Ids can place order and seller is not responsible to check who placed that so cancellation doesn’t make sense…

May be seller made a chargeback and tried to trick you by CS name so you don’t reach to CS considering screenshot…!?

what if you delivered this order late ? it would have same impact to your account as the parents ordered it…so doesn’t matter who placed order, what matters is the order was placed from the same computer and fiverr account…

I am sure CS will help you here or compensate you… !

Did your odere directly got cancelled by saying

" The buyer cancelled this order and funds were returned to their balance." ?

Is your Order Completion rate affected by this ?

No, the order had been COMPLETED for 3 days. On the fifth day of completion the funds were removed from my acc and given to the buyer and my order was canceled by cs.

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Thats sad…I wound fight back cause I dont see this is a valid reason after delivery was made !

I agree fully. A product was delivered and I am now denied payment for now and lost product. Very frustrating. Like I said it seems fiverr promotes bad business to take place if that’s how they want to be. I wasn’t even notified of the dispute myself.

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