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I've been trying to sell my gigs for so long but no luck


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Hi and welcome. It can take some time to get going on Fiverr. Be patient.


You have a group of random, disconnected gigs. It’s hard for a Buyer to determine what you do, and if you are any good at it.

On your"draw you" gigs, Do you really “draw” or use a photo program? If so, your gig title and description are not a true depiction of the offering.

Your “typing” gig could use some help in the description. There is plenty of room to add a great presentation, that is Buyer-centric. Use it.

Your other 3 gigs are novelty, and there are tens of thousands just like them on Fiverr. You’ll need to come up with something to make them stand out.

Videos really help boost sales. Plus are you promoting yourself in places where the Buyers of your services hang out?

Good luck. 🙂

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