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A bizzare experience

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Guest contentcopys

Hey Guys! Hope you’re all doing well, I just want to share a rather unusual experience with you on this platform…

So I’m a Level 2 Seller now, but recently have had a string of orders from buyers with unusual names (I won’t name and shame) who have ordered rather strange content pieces (just random stuff really) and as soon as I complete the order, they immediately request to cancel the order.

Now this is where it gets strange, when I submit content I always attach a Copyscape file to prove that it’s unique, however all of these people have used some strange content checker to try and find faults in the content. (I assume they use a rigorous academic checker and select the hardest mode to give the content a rough score- or maybe just change the language, idk).

But almost all of these people have cited the same long response when they requested to cancel the order, as in word-for-word the same response. They also had quotation marks on it too (implying it was cut&paste - I know, the FBI should hire me and I shouldn’t be selling on fiverr lol!! ). So after this happened a couple of times I was a little bummed because I normally offer a money back guarantee, but after a few times I had enough.

I told one buyer that they weren’t getting a refund because there was absolutely nothing wrong with the content, they then blackmailed me with a one star review. Eventually they left a one star review (and can’t even string together a coherent sentence in it, either).

Then recently I got another message from that buyer- I wont repeat it word for word because I want to keep it PG, but basically about how he would try and f*** me over again and again. If this doesn’t prove its a scam then I don’t know what is really!!

So i contacted CS but still haven’t heard from them back yet, but I’m confident that something will be done about this. My order completion is about to slip below 90%

What do you guys think? Any suggestions? Thanks!

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This is probably some person(s) that are messing with you, unless it is an automated bot (which seems unlikely if they were able to pay and communicate with you). Nonetheless, multiple accounts is a violation of TOS and I am sure CS will deal with the matter… although I’m not sure what they will do about restoring the completion rate. I’d be interested to see what happens if you report back. Best of luck!

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This sounds a lot like my buyer:

To say I am disgusted at present is an understatement. As I have mentioned in other threads, I have a buyer at present who I am 100% sure is the same person using multiple accounts, who is placing orders, only to demand I cancel immediately after delivery. This person clearly knows very well how to game Fiverr. On their first order they demanded I cancel by saying: these paragraphs are long and plagiarizing rather than custom made sales copy. Was there any proof of plagiarism? No, because t…

You are basically dealing with a calculating psychopath who knows how to get work free of charge by making sellers cancel after delivery.

At present, I’m canceling any suspicious order preemptively. I’m pretty sure I know the identity of this person (at least in my case.) They are based in Fort Lauderdale and largely get web design and SEO orders through Instagram that they outsource to sellers here on Fiverr.

Even if it is not the same person, it is the same strategy. Look out for;

  • Anyone who gives vague or general instructions.
  • Anyone who wants to cancel immediately after delivery.
  • Any buyer who says you have plagiarized work or who says they “can’t see” your delivery.

Sadly, there is no real solution other than to just cancel orders preemptively that your gut tells you are a bit suspicious.

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