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  1. @mjensen415 I am interested in joining seller plus! Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone, I know changing the title and description of gigs has the potential to affect a seller’s place in the search results. Does anyone know if changing the FAQs, order requirements, price (or number of) gig extras also has a similar outcome? Thanks.
  3. Yes - it’s called quick responses!
  4. Hi Jordan, Yes - I understand this completely. I’d keep doing what you’re doing with quick responses, and don’t be afraid to prioritize certain prospective clients over others if/when you’re busy. In other words, only focus on dealing with prospective ones that you think would actually want to buy your gig, especially if you’re running low on time. Speaking of time, I would not put lots of pressure on yourself to respond quickly to messages you receive after you’ve made initial contact with the prospective client. I’d only worry about responding super quickly when Fiverr is actually measuring your response rate - and the only time they do that is when you first receive a message from a buyer you’ve never worked with. Obviously, it’s great to be super quick for the purposes of customer service and actually getting orders, but the amount of time it takes to constantly respond to back-and-forth inquiries about services you don’t even know they’re going to buy - while also having sometimes dozens of orders in the queue - can waste time. Since Fiverr is so message-based and the interface is (relatively) casual/available in your email, app, and dashboard, this can seem stressful, but keep in mind that many companies that offer the same services here operate just over email - huge difference in the grand scheme of things! Also, take advantage of the criminally under-rated STAR feature (the little icon next to each username in the inbox)! You can put a star/tag next to certain people you really want to follow up with which helps a lot with organization if you have lots of messages going on. In the meantime, focus on clients that you will enjoy serving… or ones you already have in the queue. Good luck!
  5. Yeah… I always block on the app but it often still doesn’t work. I think the issue is that the buyers use the app but the blocking system that prevents them from ordering doesn’t work unless they close and then relaunch the app or go to a webpage… not 100% sure.
  6. Whenever I block someone with the intention of prohibiting messages and orders from them, it does not work. I won’t receive messages from the buyer but somehow they can still place orders. Anyone else have this problem and/or know a solution? Please let me know. Thanks a lot!
  7. This is probably some person(s) that are messing with you, unless it is an automated bot (which seems unlikely if they were able to pay and communicate with you). Nonetheless, multiple accounts is a violation of TOS and I am sure CS will deal with the matter… although I’m not sure what they will do about restoring the completion rate. I’d be interested to see what happens if you report back. Best of luck!
  8. Hi everyone, I’m a relatively new voiceover seller on Fiverr (started selling in late April) and I’ve really enjoyed it so far. It was slow for the first two weeks but all of the sudden, throughout the second half of May and the entire month of June, my sales skyrocketed for some reason; I would wake up to between 4-7 new orders every day for about a month and a half straight. It came to the point where it was a bit overwhelming so I decided to slightly raise my prices (or at least the work I would do within the same price point… instead of 300 words for $5, I would do 250). Even after that price increase, I got more orders in late June/early July… I loved it but I couldn’t perform at my best with constant orders and people constantly paying for 12 hour delivery, etc. I met Level 2 requirements on Saturday… so I decided to slightly adjust my prices again; 200 words per $5. Overall, this bracket is still very inexpensive relative to lots of the competition, most of which I am not even skilled enough to compete with… yet. My plan was, from here, to not raise the price until I feel very confident in doing so… or until the volume of work becomes impossible to complete. For the first time in about a month and a half, I haven’t gotten an order in the past two days. I’m a bit worried… is this weird? Or was I just lucky in the beginning and now I’m back to reality? I would be curious to know everyone’s thoughts. Thank you.
  9. Recently, I stumbled upon a gig which offered 0 day delivery for the extra charge of “$0”. Has anyone else seen this before? Also, would the order be marked late right away if the countdown glitched as well? ?|690x200
  10. Welcome to Fiverr! As @mostakimulkarim said, reading/understanding Fiverr Terms of Service is crucial in protecting yourself and your buyers. Best of luck!
  11. In my experience, this is not the case. Make sure that the currency conversion of your orders to earnings is correct and that you did not receive any odd-numbered tips that would have affected the payment; example: $6 tip = $4.80 tip after 20% reduction. I would reach out to CS if you think there is an error in the deduction. Best of luck.
  12. Update: CS has cancelled the order and my stats have gone unaffected! 😀
  13. I would just keep trying. I started as a no level seller and I got about 70 orders before even making it to level one where I am now. It is definitely possible to achieve much greater success before “leveling up” and there are lots of profiles that prove that 🙂
  14. I’m hoping something similar happens with me… the person who placed my order said he was a new buyer and didn’t realize but I feel like it is very unfair for sellers to take a hit when buyers ignore (whether accidentally or not) the bolded terms in gig descriptions/FAQ’s. In my opinion, there should be a more specific cancellation policy around times when the seller clearly states they cannot complete certain types of work but the buyer still places an order.
  15. I just had a similar situation but I am not past hearing from CS. I’m a voiceover seller and a buyer placed an order with adult content (which I specify multiple times in gig description/FAQ’s that I do NOT record) and I reached out to CS. I am really hoping my stats aren’t effected. 🙏
  16. Update: The buyer agreed to extend the delivery time and I am awaiting an answer from CS. I really hope they can cancel the order without it affecting my stats! The buyer said sorry explaining that he was a new buyer and didn’t know to message beforehand with questionable scripts. I said there is no need to worry; I just want CS to refund his money but not affect my gig stats… I hope it works out! 🙂
  17. Update: Neither the buyer or CS has responded. If it is a good idea, I am going to send a request to extend the delivery time to the buyer so CS can cancel the order manually without affecting my gig stats. The buyer is new to Fiverr so I’m not sure he knows how everything works… he has been online but not responding to messages 😦 What should I do?
  18. Ok. Thanks for your help. I will let you know how it goes! 🙂
  19. reach out to CS. asap!! Just did. I hope the buyer agrees to extend the delivery time as long as it takes for CS to respond and then they can cancel the order. Is there any chance my gig stats won’t be affected if CS cancels the order?
  20. Hi everyone, I do voiceover here on Fiverr. This afternoon, a buyer placed an order that had adult content in the script. I highlight and bold that no adult content is allowed in my gig description and echo the same message in my gig FAQ’s. It would be great if the buyer could give me another script to record but if he requests cancellation, I don’t want it to affect my stats considering I specifically state that I cannot record that type of content. Should I reach out to CS if they can cancel the order without affecting my stats? Or cancel the order and take the hit? Please advise what you think… the order countdown is ticking! 🙂 Thanks so much. Jay
  21. In other words, would the following message be acceptable: "I am just reaching out to see if you have listened to the modifications I have made according to your specifications. Per Fiverr’s Terms of Service, the order will be marked as complete in a couple of hours. I hope you are satisfied with the revisions I made on our project. In the event you may have wanted further changes, I attempted to extend the delivery time but, since I did not hear a response from you, Fiverr’s delivery system will automatically mark this order’s status “complete” in a couple of hours. If you do require any further revisions, please message me directly and I will be happy to provide them through the “Inbox” feature. Thanks."
  22. What exactly is ok? I described to you the process on how you could approach it and everything I do is within fiverr rules. I’ve been here a few years and I have never received any warnings. There is nothing to receive a warning about. If you are not sure just read fiverr TOS one more time to know what are the rules. 😉 Sorry. I understood what you were saying before… I guess I was a bit nervous and wanted to double check because I’m new and haven’t been in this situation before. I just want to clarify: If they don’t hit the “request modifications” button in time (which I don’t think this buyer will), do you direct message them with your revised work or is there another way? Sorry for my confusion and thank you for your advice. 🙂
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