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A significant drop in my Best Selling Gig


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Hi, I hope everyone is safe during this COVID pandemic. As you all know Fiverr had some issues showing Gig Analytics. But now as it is back I can see that my best selling gig is getting almost 0 impressions and gigs. I think this is the reason that I haven’t received any order (not even a message) for my gig. I’m attaching a screenshot of my gig analytics for you guys to see. I just have to ask 2 simple questions regarding this:

  1. Have anyone else seen such a significant drop in there best selling gig?
  2. Did Fiverr made any changes in there search algorithm? Because I can only find my gig in search after adding 2-3 filters i.e. Online sellers, Level 1 sellers etc. Without the filters my gig doesn’t even show up on any page.

Here’s the link to my gig: https://www.fiverr.com/zawarkamal/optimize-shopify-store-speed-to-improve-performance

Looking forward to your feedback

Screenshot_31248×931 116 KB
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Looks like you just made an edit a few days ago, and it’s already starting to edge upward.

Maybe this can help:

Hey everyone! As promised I will try to create a post, in an effort to shed some light over the issues that most of us seem to be facing ever since we got hit with the wonderful twofer of Covid-19 AND the analytics system breaking down. I will share what little insights I have over how SERP may or may not work, but I will avoid diving into too much detail as I have in no way figured things out. (Nor is that my intent) OK so to kick things off, let me just state the obvious: Everything I shar…
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