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Manipulation by Fiverr Editorial Team

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I’m Muhammad Muntazeem, Fiverr’s level two seller since 2015 and as I read fiverr policies that seller should have to keep update their gigs with services time to time to get more exposure and better boost in sales.

So, after 1-2 years I have updated my gig and just wait for it to be appeared in search results properly. I approx wait for 1-2 days then i opened a support ticket and what response I got from them" your Gig is simply not within Fiverr’s current editorial focus.

I asked them what is editorial focus meant? and they replied this.

Hello again,

It simply means that it is a type of service that is currently not being considered to appear within search results. As mentioned, the Gig remains active so you can still promote it outside of Fiverr to attract buyers.

Kind regards,

Now, please let me know what is this? is this fair by fiverr to do this kind of manipulation with old sellers and even my gig has 99 positive ratings. I advised peoples that do not update their gigs. NEVER EVER

Your suggestion will be appreciated.

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