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Help me please I have no order


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hi, i have 2 months in fiverr but i got no order, advice please

n fiverr but i got n

Hey there!

Are you checking the buyer requests every day/multiple times a day? I had my gig for about 2-3 months and eventually started to get orders after I began responding to buyer requests every day. You can also keep the app open on your phone so you are appearing online for buyers who may be looking for a project immediately. Good luck!

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A very easy way to make your gig rank better and thus get orders is to take a course on Learn from Fiverr.
I took myself 3 of them and they are very good.
27 days on the platform I completed 7 orders.
I also advise you to answer to buyer requests and to make your gig attractive.
For instance, go in your gig’s category and have a look at the top-rated freelancers in your field. Read their descriptions and let this inspire you to write your own one.
Hope it helped.
Don’t lose hope!

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