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  1. You seriously think that it would be allowed to share a list of Fiverr’s competitors on Fiverr’s own forum? You’ll have to use Google. i was just kidding about sharing the names…i know that it wont be good
  2. UPDATE : Response came from support team that…They are looking into my account and they cannot reveal how much time will it take to review. Thats it.
  3. Yeah boss, got it. If i get my account back, ill be very careful about this. I am also looking forward to Github. Thanks for the suggestion
  4. If you see it from Fiverr’s side, that’s probably exactly what they thought. “We gave him already two warnings, and now he goes and ignores one of our most basic terms, now that’s too much. Why the heck didn’t he read the terms even after two warnings.” I don’t think your chances to get your account back are good; if you do get it back, make sure you read and understand all the terms, rules, policies and work with, not against, them. If in doubt, do thorough research or ask support before you do something. While you’re waiting for the decision about your account, I’d look for other platforms where things that you offer can be sold, and make sure to read their terms before you sign up. Some platforms have similar no contact policies, some don’t, don’t make the mistake of thinking that when you’ve read one ToS you’ve read them all. Thank you soooo much, kindly share the list of other platforms…
  5. You don’t have to be able to code to read a contract and stick by it. Just because you know how to code, doesn’t mean that the rules don’t apply to you. I don’t understand why that’s important. You wont understand because you are not a coder.
  6. As i told you, i am college student i dont have any current portfolio or apps that i can show off with…and i am still learning stuff…but i learning things very fast in this field…and i was able to convince them that i am worth giving a shot…so they thought to ask me questions based on what i know…and to be make it fair and justified…so they wanted to contact me over voice…and fiverr doesn’t allow calling feature i had no other option On it
  7. Well good for you that he “understands” you but I saw him giving potentially harmful advises here on the forum and that’s how people get into trouble and loosing accounts. But Yay that someone “understands” you. Are you coder???
  8. Finally Someone who understands my problem…thanks for understanding @aarontgladiator
  9. I dont mean to be rude at all. Seeing you gigs i dont feel you are a programmer and you dont know anything about coding Do know anything about coding interviews or coding rounds that take place??? @ridwansugi
  10. It was not work related in your case because you don’t have an active order in place. My clients share their emails with me almost on 50% of orders but they do that because I need to add it on their business cards. And it’s a part of my gig requirements. In your case you just decided to take conversation off fiverr without even having an open order. I’m sorry to say but all three warnings were justified. Because it is not possible on fiverr…and you can check the startup is legit…if you ask i can provide the company name also…you can google it. How do you expect to conduct a technical knowledge test on chat… @mariashtelle1 @ridwansugi
  11. Boss tell me one thing then…That is a startup company and i am second year college student…if i a get an internship there…it would be great for me…well thats a different case…if the buyer wants to check my knowledge…and if you have given any interviews then you know…it is not at all possible on chat…so first of all fiverr not providing any services as calls…then how the hell are we supposed to coop with each other
  12. Hello There, On friday i received my first warning, for selling forex signals. Ok, i accept that…Then on monday…i receive second warning for doing academic work…because i solved hackkerank questions of a interview round…ok, that also partially accepted…But then yesterday it was too much…my buyer wanted to check my knowledge and then work with me on a weekly contract…so their is no such feature on fiverr, for calling or something else…so i had to share my email add…plus fiverr also allows sharing or email if it is work related, and here goes my thir warning and my account is disabled…What should i do???..will my account be restored? I have already went to customer support but no response till now… KIndly share your views update : The first round of the technical interview was taken over chat…for second round it was not possible at all…before you guys tell anything let me ask you this question…how are we supposed to solve a data structures and algorithms questions just on chat…it wont be justified right?
  13. It’s not about me. It’s about the forum rules and you breaking them :woman_shrugging: yup got it …thanks for letting me know…actually i was not knowing about that rule
  14. Didi, contact paypal support and get your KYC done…once its done…you’ll able to receive the payment…i faced the same issue and contacted paypal support…got verified within 30 mins and was able to withdraw funds easily
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