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Please bring back the "Advertising" category where it used to be


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Hello fellow Fiverrions.

I have been a level 2 seller on Fiverr since last 1 year and I must say it has been a wonderful journey.

I have video gigs in advertising category.

Recently Fiverr removed the advertising category which was in the first place on the homepage and buried it under the “More” drop down button.

Since its hidden from the view the buyers might hardly go to the “More” button and then select advertising.

This has really affected my sales.

One can also see that there is still some white space left where another two categories can be placed.

I really don’t understand why Fiverr had to do this.

I would appreciate what other sellers have to say on this.

I have attached 2 screenshot that shows how the categories were listed earlier and how they are now.

Thank you very much

Have a great day

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