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Hi everyone! I am new here, any tips?


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Be patient and drive constant traffic to your gig

  1. Make a good looking front image or video with a good thumbnail that attracts eyes of costumers
  2. Make a good description and do some SEO
  3. Research your competition and go with the easiest target (they all will look hard but just go with the easier one) after you researched and found the easiest try to conquer him and make a better gig than him. Start off small of course! For exp if you make logos dont tittle your gig “i will make you a logo design” because with that you are diving into the deep ocean with a lot of fish who dont have enough food (costumers) but be smart and make a logo like " I will create you an plant based logo"
  4. Drive Constant Traffic to your gig with different methods. Use social media or blogs etc…
    I hope you get your first order and if you do send me a message 🙂
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Welcome to the Fiverr forum. Since you are new to Fiverr, please do the following course. It’s completely free. This will help you a lot. Good luck.

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