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How to report a scammer to fiverr and ask them to double check the seller's reviews

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hi, all
so 2 days before after i met "the guy who want to run my business then pay "issue, i tried to find a seller with more reviews (in total 29). from her reviews, only one gave 3 stars and said doesnt work even easy communication. all others are all 5 stars.
so i talked with her, and yes, easy to talk. then i choosed to trust her.
i paid for her preimun service-- ad setup and run 7 days.
then i gave all the ads materials to her.
i paid the money and realize it’s already almost evening, she said today is Day1. what could i say…(i didnt expected…anyway)we talked about the pics and video. BUT she always ask me sth which is totally her job. i mean she is profesional, how she could ask me? anyway, she is easy to communicate.

9261592624564_.pic960×634 44.7 KB

i have more pic… fiverr said new user only allow one pic

2nd day, until noon, no ads.
i asked why, she said she is doing reserch.
night, finally the ads are on…
i was totally shorked…
my product is a portable pet water bottle, look at her key words:
dogs/ puppy/ dog food/ dog lover

before i went to fb groups to ask help, i asked her about it, she said lets wait for the result. but…
after my bank runs more than 30$ ads fee i went to fb groups ask if this is normal. everybody told me i got scammed, like totally. they asked me to check the things, i double checked. i dont know what research she did, the ads effect is horrible. it even showed: least 20% worst. no strategy no logic at alll. waste my time and money. (maybe she is the spy from my competitors… 😭)
and i contact to her, she didnt reply.

i know i am scammed, now i just want my money back and ask u guys how to report her. and i really want to know how she got those reviews. because the guy i mentioned at first, they all from the same place, they have more. and all of them, join here this year. with some reviews, the review is totally not the work she did in real.

anyone can help?
thank u
now i go to sleep… stayed whole night…

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