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I think Fiverr is a great place to find help. However, I suggest that Fiverr, for some sellers, require them to post their credentials i.e. certification / diploma. I suggest this because some people’s state their qualifications and are sometimes not correct. When you hire some seller, the work returns poorly done. Rarely, but I do give 5 stars to someone who does not deserve it. I know for some people, this is their livelihood. Most of my has been great. However, sometimes I experience poor work with some proofreaders. Maybe they think because you asked them for help, you are not grammatically savvy. I have noticed some of them say they will do the job manually, but the end product shows that it was done on some editing software.

I good that Fiverr returns the funds If the Buyer is not satisfied. But, if the credentials were posted, it would avoid refunds because the Buyer could make an informed choice.

So, that is my suggestion for Fiverr. However, it it still a very good platform to get help.

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